Custom Therapeutic Shoes & Inserts


Customized comfort for happy feet.

We have partnered with Anodyne, a renowned orthopedic shoe company, to bring you the very latest in custom shoe inserts. Our certified fitters will help find the perfect fit for your happiest feet. Call 765-795-4100 to schedule a free consult.

After having extensive problems with circulation in my feet, I had half my foot amputated. After that I had a hard time finding shoes that fit. At Cloverdale Pharmacy I found Dr. Comfort shoes and inquired about them. The staff was sensational in helping me learn about these shoes and helped fit me to what I needed. After a couple of years I finally have shoes that fit me and I can walk in comfortably. Many thanks for all their help!

- Pat T., Greencastle, IN

My son told me how caring and responsible the people at a Cloverdale Pharmacy are. I never owned a good pair of shoes but decided to go to Cloverdale and see what they had to offer. My new shoes are comfortable and fit my arthritic feet. I don’t fall down anymore because I have the right size shoes!

-Paul T., Cloverdale, IN